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Product Review ... Gate and Hatch Cover ... The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. • Lake Oswego, OR • 800-343-7188 •

Founded in 1981, the Greenbrier Companies has been building railcar components since 1958. Today, the company is a supplier of equipment and services to global freight transportation markets.

In 2019, the company introduced the Tsunami Gate™ and the Tsunami Hatch™ in April 2022.

According to Senior Vice President of Product Development Peter Jones, “The Tsunami Gate allows the railcar to be 10% shorter than existing railcars and lowers the railcars’ center of gravity, improving aerodynamic performance and allowing significantly faster discharge. The discharge rate can be metered if the grain terminal can’t handle faster discharge.”

Improved Safety and Efficiency

“The Tsunami Hatch improves safety by allowing the hatch to be opened and closed remotely without a worker on the roof,” says Jones. “This enables fully automated railcar loading and unloading, reducing labor costs and railcar dwell.”


• Tsunami Gate has three times the opening area compared to a standard grain gate.

• Fully automated power gate requires no manual assistance to open.

• Reduces the need for manual labor and enables fully automated loading and unloading of grain in railcars.

• Tsunami Hatch is compatible with a variety of covered hopper cars.

From July/August 2022 Grain Journal Issue