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Product Review ... Hazard Monitoring Services ... Interstates

Interstates • Sioux Center, IA • 712-722-1662 •

Since 2007, Interstates has provided hazard monitoring services that include audit, repair, and support to ensure sensors are operating correctly.

According to Benjamin Langton, senior offer manager for maintenance and support, “We don’t limit ourselves to a particular brand or system; rather, we try to focus on the problem regardless of the equipment and work with our customers’ preferred systems. While many of our competitors just offer audits, we also offer troubleshooting, advice on how to fix a problem, and even repairs.”

Prevent Deadly Explosion

“Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and insurance companies require that both grain dust and ignition sources be controlled in grain elevators to prevent deadly explosions,” says Langton.

“Our goal,” he adds, “is not to design a new system but rather identify how to keep the current system working.”


• Conduct audits and review common ignition sources and detection equipment to confirm equipment is functioning properly.

• Provide simple repairs and troubleshooting.

• Work to update older equipment.

From July/August 2022 Grain Journal Issue