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iGRAIN America LLC • 660-886-4806

iGRAIN America LLC • Marshall, MO • 660-886-4806 •

iGRAIN has more than 20 years of experience with advanced grain monitoring and control systems. In 2020, the company introduced the iGRAIN temperature management system in the United States, which is a two-wire system designed to monitor grain temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide, as well as provide level monitoring and automatic aeration control.

According to President Mike Mills, “The two-wire communication system is easy to install because of pre-assembling and quality testing completed by our highly-skilled technicians. This results in an easy-to-install system that has a lower installation cost and a more reliable reading than the older thermocouple systems.”

Fully Integrated System

“The iGRAIN temperature management system provides all the information needed to monitor grain conditions,” says Mills, “and it can be fully integrated into the customer’s existing SCADA system. In fact, no other company allows customers to integrate all of their information into one SCADA system.”


• Low-maintenance system provides temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide, and level monitoring.

• Easy-to-install system with minimal connection points.

• Using one master hub allows system growth without additional equipment.

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