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M&M Specialty Services’ TriFecta DCP 2018 can accurately mix up to three grain protectants, such as Diacon, Diacon Plus, Centynal EC, and PBO-8, without dosing pumps.

According to Service and Sales Associate Mike Morgan, “TriFecta DCP 2018 provides virtually maintenance-free dosing with simpler, more reliable components with fewer failure points. Regardless of the application rate or the number of application points, the mix rate is constant. Chemical levels can be seen at a glance and topped off any time while application is in progress.”

Mixing on Demand

“Grain protectants are most effective when used as soon as possible after mixing,” he explains. “The Trifecta DCP 2018 mixes on demand and thoroughly agitates the solution within seconds of application,” adds Morgan. “Wasted chemical from over-estimating batch size is eliminated, and you use only what you need on demand.”


• Flexible system can be portable or permanent.

• Components are custom-configured and assembled according to a customer’s needs.

• The system can treat over 40,000 bph, and larger capacities can be configured easily.

• Chemical tanks can be custom-sized for small or large grain handling capacities.

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