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Product Review ... Moisture Measurement Sensors

MoistTech Corp • 941-727-1800

MoistTech Corp. • Sarasota, FL • 941-727-1800

Founded in the 1970s as Moisture Systems, the company was renamed MoistTech Corp. in 2003 to better represent its range of moisture measurement sensors used in the flour milling industry.

According to Marketing Manager Sarah Hammond, the company’s most popular product is the IR3000 moisture sensor, which “enables line operating personnel to make immediate manufacturing adjustments on the fly to avoid product waste and downtime, increasing efficiency and productivity.”

Improved Product Quality and Consistency

“The importance of a proper moisture measurement and control system can’t be overstated,” explains Hammond, “because it can solve many of the common problems found on manufacturing lines.

“Accurate, controlled moisture in raw materials or throughout the production process dictates product quality and consistency,” she adds. “The IR3000 is insensitive to material variations, including particle size, material height, and color, and it is non-contact, rugged, and accurate.”


• Near-infrared technology uses a light source to read moisture levels without product contact.

• Calibrated prior to shipping based on customer samples to ensure highly accurate measurement.

• Designed with the ability to ignore product variations.

• No external hardware to power and communicate with the sensors.

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