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In late 2016, METTLER TOLEDO introduced the VTC191 truck scale, a field-assembled scale that can be shipped as a kit.

According to Marketing Manager Steve Graham, this innovation scale was designed to provide significant cost savings for elevator operators and farmers who have expertise and/or local resources to help them assemble the scale on-site.

"The VTC191 comes standard with industry-leading accuracy found only in POWERCELL load cells," says Graham, "to meet customers' needs of accurately weighing grain and other bulk commodities. Customers should no longer expect to replace load cells every few years or experience downtime at peak season like they may have in the past."

Low Cost

"Shipping the scale in smaller, modular units also reduces shipping costs, and components can be unloaded with a forklift ys. hiring a crane," adds Graham. "Many of our customers have local resources for assembly, and this provides a lower total cost, do-it-yourself option."


  • Galvanized steel frame with 70-year finish.
  • POWERCELL PDX provides unmatched accuracy and reliability and carries a 10-year comprehensive warranty.
  • Scales available in various lengths and widths while providing short lead times.
  • Service technicians and authorized distributors available for various level of support.

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