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Product Review ... Ozpolat Grain Processing Technologies ... Pneumatic Rollermill

Özpolat Grain Processing Technologies • Istanbul, Turkey +90 (342)-337-12-17 •

Özpolat Grain Processing Technologies in 2020 introduced the fifth generation of its pneumatic rollermill, which is designed for the first and second crushing and grinding of grains.

According to Board Member Baris Özpolat, “The machine consists of technological and kinematic parts that work independently from each other. V-belts and independently controlled electric motors are used to drive each part.”

Unique Design

“One of the unique things about this rollermill,” explains Özpolat, “is that it can controlled with a phone, tablet, or PC. Another feature is the feeder roll adjustment, which is done very precisely with two knobs on the front of the machine. With many other rollermills, you have to mechanically lock in place the feeder rolls, but our machine locks electronically.

“Additionally,” he says, “main roll replacement is much easier with our rollermill. Instead of taking apart the entire machine, resulting in hours of downtime, all you have to do is remove the front panel to access the rolls.”


• Optional stainless steel construction for increased food safety.

• Central lubrication system means operators only need to lubricate one point, then lubricant is spread throughout the machine as needed.

• Metal curtain on feeder control.

• Adjustable roll distance.

• OMRON 7-inch screen.

• Very low operational noise.

• Independent speed control for feeder rolls.

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