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Product Review ... Portable Vacuum System ... Walinga, Inc.

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Walinga in the early 1990s first introduced its 3510 Agri-Vac, which is designed to fill the need for a smaller, self-contained wheeled vacuum that can run without a tractor and be used to clean up small spills, pits, or elevator legs.

According to Marketing Manager Jonathan Medemblik, “The super-versatile 3510 Agri-Vac can be mounted to a trailer or placed in a pickup truck.

“Available in gas, electric, air purge, or three-point hitch models, the gas engine version is most popular and uses a common, low-maintenance Kohler or Honda gas engine,” he adds.

Grain Entrapment Rescue

“Local fire departments are using the 3510 Agri-Vac for rescue training,” he notes. “It’s perfect for grain bin rescue because of it’s compact, self-contained, and self-powered with no PTO required.

“It also can be setup very quickly,” adds Medemblik, “and remove all the grain from a rescue tube and away from an entrapment victim in seconds.”


• Fork pockets for easy lifting/moving and wheeled for easy maneuverability.

• Super-hard, plated blower eliminates the need for filters.

• Vacuums any dry, bulk material, including very high-moisture grains.

• Excellent for bin and spill cleanup.

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