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Product Review ... Henry Simon ... HSPU Purifier

Henry Simon • Manchester, UK • +44 (0) 161 804 2800

Henry Simon, serving the grain milling industry since 1878, in late 2020 introduced the HSPU purifier with a new design and some innovative features.

The industrial design process of the HSPU purifier is carried out in the collaboration of Henry Simon research and development team with Italdesign.

According to Marketing Director Onder Seker, the HSPU is an award-winning machine for its design and technology. It was recognized by Good Design in 2020 and German Innovation Awards in 2021.

Advanced Sensor Technology

“The purifier,” says Seker, “is equipped with advanced sensor technology for higher reliability, better operational safety, and consistent quality in the bran removal process.”

With this technology, he adds, each sensor is responsible for real-time monitoring of the machine’s critical operating parameters and environmental conditions, such as:

• Human detection sensor automatically switches on the machine’s touchscreen panel and LED lights when the operator’s physical presence is detected.

• Ambient sensor monitors environmental working conditions, including temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

• Digital manometer helps sustain optimal airflow inside the purifier’s air channels.

• Motor load sensor ensures safe and efficient operation.

Operational Transparency

Being the first application example, the HSPU purifier is equipped with a touchscreen panel and a special maintenance software for monitoring sieve configuration, the status of consumables (rubber springs, LED light, vibro motors), etc.

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