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Product Review ... Railcar Hopper Gate Opener ... Arnold Company

Arnold Company • Trenton, IL • 800-245-7505 •

Since 1985, Arnold Company has focused on improving safety and productivity in material handling with a wide range of railcar openers, trailer openers, and vibration equipment.

In 2022, the company introduced the Ride-On Multi-Position railcar hopper gate opener, which is designed for higher-volume rail unloading facilities.

According to President and Owner Albert Middeke, “This new and improved railcar hopper gate opener makes opening large quantities of railcars safe, fast, and easy. It features an upgraded core power unit with the fastest, most powerful torque in our line.

“Additionally,” says Middeke, “a proprietary, new-to-the-market beam-mounted power drive provides a better way to move the unit along the beam. The low-maintenance, self-contained, and chain-free power drive is quiet, powerful, and very smooth.”

Wireless Remote Option

“The Ride-On railcar hopper gate opener comes with a wireless remote option that allows the unit to be operated up to 1,000 feet away,” he says. “With an optional camera system, this allows the unit to be operated remotely from a central area or control room.”


• Seated, single-person operation.

• Electric over hydraulic system.

• Rides on standard W6-x-25 beam.

• Remote control or manual options.

• No chain: easy-to-maintain power drive.

• One- or two-track options.

From July/August 2022 Grain Journal Issue