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Founded in 1980, Pneumat Systems builds industrial-grade bulk material handling equipment for the grain and feed industry and beyond.

In April 2022, the company introduced the HopperBot™ intelligent railcar unloader.

According to General Sales Manager Sam Cebula, “Difficult products like DDGs and protein meals can be a nightmare to unload. Workers bang on the cars endlessly with sledgehammers, resulting in injuries and railcar damage.”

Flexibility and Safety

“Unlike competing hard car unloaders that require significant renovations to rail sheds, the HopperBot can be installed in just 25 feet of headroom,” he explains. “It uses a coring cylinder to establish a flow channel through the hung-up product. Then the articulated robotic clearing arm breaks up the material so its flows out the gate.

“Two workers can unload a railcar in two hours or less,” he adds, “eliminating production bottlenecks while minimizing risk exposure.”


• Installs in 25 feet of overhead space.

• Sensor technology maintains safe operating envelope to prevent accidental contact with people or car damage.

• Ideal for dried distillers grains, meals, and other challenging products.

• Boosts worker safety, morale, and retention.

• Maximizes throughput and creates opportunities for new formulations and end markets.

From July/August 2022 Grain Journal Issue

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