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Roger LLC in March introduced onRamp™, a digital risk management and compliance hub that is designed to store documents and ensure certificates of insurance are up to date.

Revolutionizing Carrier Compliance

According to Compliance Product Owner Mara Jorgensen, “onRamp is revolutionizing carrier compliance by making it easy to track safety and insurance information, hauling contracts, W9s, and more. onRamp is the first digital platform to offer a standardized network of compliance, allowing carriers to connect with shippers very quickly.

“Currently,” she explains, “carriers spend too much time trying to become compliant with shippers. With onRamp, carriers create a single profile to store insurance, Department of Transportation, and other certifications that makes onboarding with new shippers faster than ever. Also, our very knowledgeable in-person customer service staff can provide immediate response to inquiries.”


• Easy-to-use 10-minute process for carriers.

• Quickly connect with shippers and carriers in the Roger ecosystem.

• Centralized digital compliance offers a one-stop shop for all counter parties.

• Automatic updates if compliance issues arise.

From May/June 2022 Grain Journal

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