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Product Review ... Safe-Grain, Inc.; Polyethylene Aeration Duct

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Safe-Grain, Inc. • Loveland, OH • 800-659-8250 •

Safe-Grain in May introduced the High-Flo™ polyethylene aeration duct for temporary storage, which features a highly perforated open area that President Scott Chant says delivers more air to grain in storage.

Increased Airflow

According to Chant, “High-Flo aeration duct was designed specifically for ground grain storage piles. It has more and larger airflow holes than standard duct.

“The 18-inch-diameter High-Flo provides 58% more open area,” he says, “and the 24-inch-diameter High-Flo provides 45% more open area than competitive products. Larger open area results in lower static pressure of the fans and greater airflow through the grain.

“Lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyethylene High-Flo aeration duct is available in 20-foot lengths and features a bell-and-spigot configuration so it’s easy to install and retrieve,” adds Chant.


• Larger open area results in less resistance and more air moved through the grain.

• Externally sleeved with a seamless, 100%-polyester, run-resistant sleeve that prevents grain and grain dust infiltration.

• High-efficiency design.

• No-connector design for easy assembly.

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