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Sioux Steel Co. has introduced the patent-pending Cornado grain spreader to its line of bin accessories.

The Cornado was invented by fourth-generation farmer Dave Alig who was dissatisfied by other grain spreaders available.

Alig’s goal was to create a spreader that distributed fines evenly throughout a bin.

The U.S.-made Cornado grain spreader comes in two sizes to fit grain bins from 24 feet to 42 feet in diameter and 48 feet to 60 feet in diameter.

It is able to handle up to 8,000 bph of shelled corn and soybeans.

Easy Adjustment

According to Engineering Manager Elliott Strain, the grain spreader features a unique design that allows for access from the top of the bin, where adjustments can be made to flow rate and bearings can be greased easily.

“It has an adjustable trap door that helps to consistently spread the grain at any flow rate.

“By design,” he says, “the V-shaped chute self-centers the grain as it flows down, hitting the deflectors which allows for a consistent spread pattern.”


• Two versions to fit most grain bins.

• Deep sump prevents grain from splashing out and makes it easier to set up your auger.

• Access to grease bearings from the top of the bin.

This article is taken from the March/April 2021 GRAIN JOURNAL

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