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Founded in 1918 as a steel corrugating business, Sioux Steel Company provides ag products globally. In 2008, the company introduced the Dust Suppression Hopper (DSH) for reducing dust during loading operations.

“The DSH works great for dust suppression, not removal, anytime you’re moving a dry commodity. It’s unlike anything else available,” says Tracy Gordon, DSH territory sales manager. “Because the DSH uses spring action and has no internal moving parts, it’s low cost compared to other systems. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t require electricity to operate.”

Grain Loadout

“The DSH provides very effective dust suppression for grain loadout, including barge loading. It protects the health and safety of workers by reducing airborne dust and improving visibility, and it helps facilities meet requirements set by local, state, and federal air quality boards for air opacity,” adds Gordon.


• Low maintenance and cost compared to other dust suppression systems.

• Easy to install with minimal interruption during installation.

• Available in a variety of sizes to meet customers’ unique requirements.

• Exceptional local support and customer service; troubleshooting available upon request.

• Supported by an innovative, progressive dealer network.

From May/June 2022 Grain Journal

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