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Product Review ... Stainless Steel Grain Cleaner ... Magik Kleener

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Magik Kleener Sales, Inc. since 1989 has manufactured grain cleaners for farm and commercial grain applications.

In June 2022, it introduced a stainless steel grain cleaner made from 304 stainless steel that is designed for food-grade environments.

According to Vice President-Operations Dan Schmidt, “The stainless steel grain cleaner supports food-grade processing for human consumption and organic grain processing.”

304 Stainless Steel

“The key feature of this grain cleaner is that it’s fully manufactured with 304 stainless steel,” says Schmidt, “and has all standard Magik Kleener features.

“This installation was incorporated by GroffJulius Design Build in a corn cleaning application ahead of a chip manufacturing line.”


• Gravity, zig-zag design of multiple reversing sections creates the necessary agitation for efficient cleaning without additional power requirements.

• Easy-access doors allow for inspection, quick cleaning, and switching of screens for different products.

• Minimal installation requirements allow it to be installed almost anywhere material flows downward.

• Available in two styles – low-profile and standard – and a variety of sizes from 700 to 60,000 bph.

From July/August 2022 Grain Journal Issue