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Roof Mount System Simplifies Installation of Grain Handling Equipment

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EVERLOC saves time and improves worker safety

Brock Grain Systems in 2014 introduced the EVERLOC® roof mount system as part of its EVEREST® series grain bins. This pre-engineered roof mount system is designed to simplify the installation of grain handling equipment when attached to the peak of the bin roof.

“As storage and handling systems increase in size and capacity, the weight of the equipment also increases, creating potentially heavier loads on the peak of the bin,” says John Tuttle, sales director-United States and Canada. “ The EVERLOC system ensures that heavier equipment loads are transferred safely and appropriately into the roof structure.”

Improved Worker Safety

“EVERLOC is a pre-engineered bolt-together system that is assembled when the bin is being constructed, saving time and improving worker safety on the project site,” adds Tuttle. “The design provides a weather-tight connection where the galvanized structural components extend up through the bin roof.”

From November/December 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Roof Mount System Features

  • Engineered roof mounting solution ensures proper transfer of equipment loads into the roof structure.
  • Assembled during bin construction, EVERLOC eliminates the need to cut holes or weld in the roof after bin construction.
  • All galvanized construction and available for all Brock structural roofs from 24 to 156 feet in diameter.

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