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M&M Specialty Services Lodestone PatchWorks flexible magnetic patch.

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2019 Issue

In late 2018, M&M Specialty Services introduced the Lodestone PatchWorks flexible magnetic patches to enable maintenance personnel to repair spouts, troughs, chutes, and augers in seconds.

According to Service and Sales Associate Mike Morgan, “Although these repairs are generally intended to be temporary, Lodestone’s patent-pending magnetic patches will stay where you put them until more permanent repairs can be made. Featuring replaceable liners and all-metal reinforced backer, they provide all-temperature adhesion with single-person application with no tools or adhesives needed.”

Product Features

  • Extremely powerful neodymium magnets and robust handles allow for instant placement.
  • Galvanized or optional stainless steel stiffening backer forms to the substrate with no gaps.
  • Available in 6-inch-x-6-inch and 12-inch-x-12-inch sizes. Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Made in the United States with high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Instant Repairs

“These patches enable grain handlers to make instant, solid repairs as they adhere in seconds to clean steel surfaces with rounded profiles from 6 to 20 inches in diameter,” adds Morgan. “The importance of having a tool that allows you to keep operating when trucks or railcars are waiting to load or unload can’t be overstated. Downtime costs money.”

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