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In-Field Moisture Tester Uses Data To Give Optimum Harvest Time

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Harvest Commander includes return on investment calculator

This article is taken from the May/June 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Shore Measuring Systems has sold and serviced grain moisture meters since 1968. In January 2020 the company introduced the Harvest Commander moisture tester, which is designed to enable farmers to test the moisture of corn – from 8% to 80% – on the stalk.

According to General Manager Tom Brackett, Jr., “The spectrometer links to a data program on the farmer’s cell phone. The program will give them a heat map of a field and, based on the National Weather Service forecast, tell them the optimal time to harvest, so it’s really a harvest planning system.”

Return on Investment Calculator

“Users also have access to a unique return on investment (ROI) calculator,” says Brackett. “By entering data – including total acreage, bushels expected, propane cost, and drying cost – the ROI calculator will provide the expected savings using the program.”

Product Features

  • Generates a heat map that measures moisture in different parts of a field.
  • ROI calculator links to National Weather Service forecast to determine optimal harvest time.
  • Data program available on an annual subscription basis, with two updates annually.
  • Accurately tests up to 80% moisture in the field in real time to provide the best, most up-to-date moisture data possible.

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