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Junior™ 360° Whip Machine is Fully Hydraulic Version of Previous Whip

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Mole•Master Services Corp. has provided bin and silo cleaning services and equipment for the grain and feed industry since 1986.

According to Technical Sales and Project Manager Michael Bailey, the company’s Junior™ 360° whip machine is an improved, fully-hydraulic version of the air-powered gyro whip that has been used in the industry for decades.

“The Junior 360° whip machine features a fully hydraulic hose reel, boom arm, and cutting head, so our customers are no longer at the mercy of their air system,” he explains. “It provides consistent power, consistent rpm, and more torque power.”

Improved Safety

“The small, yet powerful 5-inch diameter cutting head can go where other pieces of equipment can’t go,” says Bailey. “The fully adjustable boom and crane bearing mount allows the unit to provide 100%, 360° coverage without reattaching the head, so cleaning efficiency is improved.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal November/December 2019 Issue

Product Features

  • Adjustable boom and crane can reposition 360° for wide coverage.
  • Powerful 5-inch cutting head features interchangeable blades, flails, or chain cutters to safely remove a wide variety of materials.
  • 27-foot reach from center enables cleaning an up to 54-foot silo.
  • Portable and easy to move from bin to bin.

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