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Diverter Valve Eliminates Need for Bin Vent

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Quantum Fill Pass Diverter enables using one source and multiple destinations

This article is taken from the March/April 2020 GRAIN JOURNAL

Since 1977, Vortex Global has provided dry bulk solids solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Since the late 1980s, the company has sold the Quantum Fill Pass Diverter™, which is designed to handle dry bulk solids in vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.

According to Vice President of Business Development Jason Marcotte, the Quantum Fill Pass Diverter vents as it fills, eliminating the need for a bin vent, because it won’t pressurize the hopper.

Reduced Wear and Maintenance

“Unlike with other diverters, the seals are recessed out of the material stream for reduced wear and maintenance,” explains Marcotte, “and the Quantum Fill Pass Diverter mechanically self-cleans when it shifts, so there’s no residual material left in the valve body.

“Used in a closed-loop system, this diverter enables using one source and multiple destinations and allows the use of one dust collector for the entire system,” he adds.

Product Features

  • Vents as it fills, so the hopper isn’t pressurized, and employs self-cleaning action when it shifts.
  • Diverters are stackable up to four units high for maximum flexibility.
  • Seals are live-loaded so they can be maintained while in service, reducing downtime.
  • Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel and from 2-inch to 6-inch tubing and pipe sizes.

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