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Intrinsically Safe, Battery-Powered Wireless Temperature Transmitter

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Transmitter features completely wireless box, eliminates long lead wire runs

Extron in March introduced an intrinsically safe wireless transmitter to its grain management solutions product line for use in temporary storage systems, flat storage buildings, concrete, and steel tanks.

The transmitter features a completely wireless box that eliminates the long lead wire runs that most systems require to operate. The UL-listed transmitter is intrinsically safe due to internal barriers that prevent an ignition source.

According to Vice President Dustin Paloranta, “the intrinsically safe wireless transmitter is a battery-powered wireless temperature cable and box that provide completely wireless communication. The system is easy to retrofit for use with existing temperature cables, and because it’s battery-powered, it can be mounted anywhere.”


“The system automatically updates every two hours to log temperature information, and resistance values in the Cloud, so users have easy access to data and can spot temperature trends in their concrete or steel grain bins, flat storage, and ground piles,” he adds.

From May/June 2017 GRAIN JOURNAL

Product Features

  • UL-certified, intrinsically safe.
  • Eliminates long lead wire runs.
  • Available in 21- and 84-thermocouple versions.
  • Powerful, long-life battery lasts three to five years.


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