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Supplier Profile; Karl von Knobelsdorff

Company: Knobelsdorff

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Born: Sept. 11 in Rochester, MN.

Years with company/industry: 15/18.

Family: Lillian (11), Arlyn (9), Lewis (7), Hermann (4).

Education: Goodhue Public High School.

Favorite hobbies/interests: Outdoor time with my kids and riding my motorcycle.

Favorite place to eat on the road: Steak or fish on the grill with friends and family.

Favorite vacation spot: My aunt’s cabin in northern Minnesota with my kids.

Best mentor: My uncle, Hermann, was a great mentor to me. He taught me a lot about work ethic, compassion, and doing things for others. Starting from five years old, I spent a lot of time with him on the farm, at work, and volunteering with him for many of the organizations he was involved in.

Someone I admire: My omi, Anneliese, emigrated from Germany in 1954 with nothing and settled on a farm in rural Minnesota with my grandpa. They started a farm and family together. Her story is one of determination and hard work.

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Goodhue, MN

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