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Supplier Profile: Ryan Ebmeier, PE, SE, Ebmeier Engineering, LLC

Company: Ebmeier Engineering, LLC

Position: Principle Engineer

Born: October 30 in Lincoln, NE

Years with company/industry: 14/14

Family: Wife, Janie; sons, Sam (12), Jack (10), Will (4); daughter, Gwen (7)

Education: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Favorite hobbies/interests: Basketball, tennis, skiing, and hunting/shooting

Favorite sports team: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Favorite thing to eat on the road: Char-grilled oysters in Louisiana

Favorite vacation spot: Skiing in Summit County, CO

Best mentor: My dad, James Ebmeier. I grew up holding his clipboard on observation trips and then found myself tagging along again at age 26. While working closely with him and other industry colleagues, I have strived to develop the work ethic and problem-solving skills necessary to meet today’s industrial design challenges with practical solutions.

Reprinted from Milling Journal 3Q 2020 Issue

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