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CCS Group Using Raken App to Streamline Construction Field Updates

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Project management tool keeps everyone up to date With detailed reports

The Raken app is a construction field management tool designed to streamline daily reporting, production tracking, time cards, toolbox talks, and construction photos to save users time with the field reporting process.

Users can input critical job site information directly in the app while on the job site, add and split worker and crew hours, and capture and update cost codes that are automatically synced with the office for easy payroll.

Users also can search a library of toolbox talks to present to the team and capture signatures directly in the app; add construction photos, videos, and attachments to your report; and at the end of the day, sign and email a daily report right from the app.

Safety managers can schedule and assign toolbox talks across all of their projects and easily track compliance.

Grain Journal spoke with three grain company managers after using the Raken app on projects with CCS Group, Seward, NE (855-752-5047), to find out more about how it streamlines communication between facilities and contractors and increases project efficiency.

Randall Sexton | General Manager | Assumption Grain | Assumption, IL

“We became aware of the Raken app a few months ago, when Cheyenne Wohlford of CCS Group told us about it at the beginning of a project for us. We receive photos every day showing work performed, plans, and compliance with safety plans, including whether they need a confined space permit or a hot work permit.

“The Raken app provides a record of work performed along with photos. I really like it. I can see if they were rained out and couldn’t work. I see the daily report, and our operations manager and assistant general manager also can see it. Workers sign in remotely on the job site each day, which is good, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have several locations with different contractors working, and we’d wonder, ‘How long were the subs there? What work did they do? Did they work two hours or 10 hours?’ With the Raken app, now we know. It’s a more open way to communicate to see what they’re working on each day. I wish more contractors would provide that type of feedback. I’ve liked it so far.”

Kyle Brown | Senior Project Engineer | The Andersons, Inc. | Maumee, OH

“I’m working with CCS Group on a concrete gunite liner project at one of our ethanol facilities, reinforcing four large round silos. Each day, I receive a link to a dated report that shows me the weather, labor hours worked, written descriptions of what was accomplished, working plans for the next day, copies of the daily job safety analysis, confined space permits, hot work permits, photos of equipment/material delivered to the site, and various project progress photos. This amount of information gives me total visibility of a project without being on the site during the length of the project. On a typical job, we’d hold weekly team contractor meetings to discuss progress and the plans for the next week. With the Raken reports, I get a higher level of detail on a daily basis.

“Managing several projects at a time, I’m unable to be on-site more than a few times a month. When I am on-site, I try to gather site photos to record the construction progress, and often I’ll miss several large milestones. But using the Raken app, the contractor attaches photos of the progress every day. This provides a better-recorded history of how the project was performed and installed, whereas before, I’d typically just get photos of a finished product. For our concrete liner project, it’s extremely helpful, because I get photos of the rebar and how it was set prior to the concrete being placed.

“The vast majority of concrete liner projects take place inside of a confined space where it’s difficult to get in and inspect the contractor’s progress. The Raken app provides a great recorded history of a project and allows anyone interested in reading the reports the ability to monitor what’s happening at a job site at any given time. After seeing the Raken reports, I became a firm believer in the product, and I hope more contractors adopt this type of daily reporting or something similar.”

Carl Odde | Engineering Manager | South Dakota Soybean Processors | Volga, SD

“Our first project using the Raken app involved structural repair by CCS Group to install a shotcrete liner to concrete storage silos. We received Raken reports that documented the weather each day, showed the materials used, copies of job site permits, and who was on-site, including and any visitors. We also received pictures everyday of significant progress.

“At the end of each day, we received a progress report of daily activity, and those reports can be saved. With the daily report, we have a good record that we can go back and review later and make any adjustments to the project. The report was good for the project manager, who couldn’t be on-site every day.

“Key individuals including the area manager, facility manager, and structural engineer all received the reports daily. We’d get a quick review every day to see what’s going on. The Raken app is a really good communication tool. I like to see what’s going on daily, and I can look back to see progress and when weather delayed progress. I also can see how long it took to do certain tasks, which is helpful for planning future projects.”

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