Spot Grain Barge Rates Drop From Previous Week

This article has been reprinted from the April 5 USDA Grain Transportation Report.

As of April 2, spot grain barge rates for export grain originating from major shipping points were 17 to 29 percent lower than a week ago.

Barge operators reported that increased navigation difficulties have dampened the demand for barge services.

Competition for a dwindling number of customers has put downward pressure on rates.

Export grain barge rates from St. Louis were 350 percent of tariff this week ($13.97 per ton), compared to 457 percent ($18.23 per ton) last week.

However, barge rates have been above average for over a year due, in part, to constant highwater conditions.

Current rates are 28 to 44 percent higher than the 3-year average.

While this week’s rates have dropped, barge operators have to contend with increased costs and reduced transit times.

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