USDA Grain Transportation Report 1 (9/15): Rail Unions and Rail Carriers Reach Tentative Deal

According to USDA's Grain Transportation report, earlier this morning, rail unions and rail carriers reached a tentative contract agreement, averting possible rail disruptions that could have occurred as early as September 16.

After years of negotiations, a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) issued recommendations on August 16 to help the two sides come to a resolution on contract negotiations.

Following the PEB recommendations, negotiations continued during a mandatory 30-day cooling-off period, delaying any actions by labor unions or rail carriers to impact rail operations.

The White House praised the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Agriculture, and National Economic Council Director for their work with both sides to reach the tentative agreement. The White House commended their efforts to ensure continued rail operations and prevent further strain on agricultural and food supply chains.