USDA Grain Transportation Report (1/26): BNSF Announces Plan For 2023 Capital Investments

According to today's USDA Grain Transportation Report, on January 19, BNSF announcedits 2023 capital investment plan of $3.96 billion, intended to help the railroad operate a safe and reliable network while supporting the needs of its customers.

BNSF will spend $2.85 billion to maintain its 14,000 miles of track surfacing and related assets, $402 million to acquire equipment, and $700 million to expand and streamline its operations.

Specific investment projects include continued work on intermodal facility expansion in Stockton, CA, and Chicago, IL; the addition of several segments of new track in Eastern Kansas and Southern California; and the construction of a second bridge over the Missouri River in Sibley, MO.

The Sibley second-bridge project will allow double-tracking of one of the last segments of single track along BNSF’s Southern Transcon route. Running between the West Coast and the Midwest, the Southern Transcon route is a key route for moving grain from the Midwest to livestock producers in the Southwest.