BinMaster’s Announces New BMRX-300 Rotary Level Indicator With Built-In Indicator Light

BMRX-300 Top Light. Image courtesy of BinMaster

BinMaster’s new BMRX-300 rotary level switch is the first to feature a large LED built-in indicator light. The bright LED changes from green to red when the paddle stops turning when the bin is full. Use it to prevent overfills or wire the DPDT 10-amp output relay to stop a process, such as turning off an auger. This affordable, easy-to-install level indicator eliminates bin and silo climbing to keep people safe.

The light is housed inside the protective lid of the rotary. There is no extra wiring to an external notification light. When the BMRX-300 is mounted on the side of the vessel, the bright green or red light is visible from 100 feet away. Fail-safe operation, self-diagnostics, and immediate and corrective response to failures distinguish the BMRX-300 as an optimal rotary for process control. A red light visually alerts to a fault or covered condition, while a green LED light indicates a rotating or uncovered status condition.

The BMRX-300 is designed and made in Nebraska, U.S.; even the motor is manufactured in-house. With two ¾” conduit entrances for easy wiring and a standard 1.25” NPT connection, it easily replaces or upgrades any existing rotary. The new red, NEMA 4X, 5, 7, 9 & 12 aluminum cast housing with a powder-coated finish has a screw-off cover that makes wiring accessible and simple. Another new feature is the enclosure rotates a full 360° to point conduit entries down to protect the unit from moisture and water ingress.

The next-generation BMRX-300 is reportedly an affordable way to alert to vessel levels in solid materials with a bulk density of 2 lb. to over 100 lb./cu. ft. Use it for level indication in any free-flowing solids including grains, pellets, or granules.

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