ERIKS - Wichita

2113 S West St
Wichita, KS 67213

Key Personnel

Company Profile

The ERIKS team is made up of specialists from a wide range of industries with the product and application know-how on which you can rely.

We customize to the needs of our customers and vendors through strong, long-term relationships and close collaboration. These long-term relationships help us to establish formalized processes for each customer that lead to documented cost savings.

Our value is also evident in the safety programs we offer to our customers. We don’t just respond to emergencies, we create systems to anticipate and eliminate them.

Our solutions include hose solutions, sealing and gasket solutions, conveyor belt solutions, valve solutions, and loading arm systems.

North America’s largest industries rely on ERIKS as the trusted authority on material transfer solutions.

ERIKS - Wichita in the Equipment Catalog

  • Belting - Drum and Wing Pulleys, Belt Service
  • Cleaning Equipment - Replacement Screens
  • Conveyors - Screw Conveyor Unit Modules, Round Bottom and En Masse Conveyance Systems, Replacement Conveyor Paddle Chains
  • Elevator Buckets - Elevator Buckets & Elevator Belting
  • Grain Handling Accessories - U-Trough Liners, Pulleys, PRV (Pressure Relief Ventilator), Knappco Doors, S.O.F. Slide-Lag, Friction Pulley-Used for Trippers
  • Level Indicators - Shaft Mount Underspeed Detector
  • Liners - Urethane Sheets and Rolls, Ceramic and Hex Tile
  • Monitoring Equipment - Shaft Mount Underspeed Detector
  • Pneumatic Systems - Schrader Bellows®
  • Safety/Maintenance Equipment - Inspection Doors, Liberty Grain Rescue Tube
  • Storage/Steel - Safety Lock-Down Hatch
  • Transportation Equipment - Piston Vibrator, Skid Steer Hydraulic Hopper Gate Opener, Gate Openers
  • Vibrators - Railcar Vibrators

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