J & D Construction, Inc.

4326 HWY 212
Montevideo, MN 56265

Key Personnel

  • Dick Ladwig, Sales
  • Scott Mitlying, Sales Manager
  • Doug Nelson, Design

Company Profile

Today we have grown to more than 90 employees and many preferred subcontractors. We house a state of the art fabrication shop and paint booth, fully stocked tool trailers, a complete design and engineering department, project management, facility maintenance and a sales team; all serving our customers.

In the beginning we recognized that many grain elevators were in need of updating equipment and design to increase the life and efficiency of the equipment.

Through renovating existing grain elevators, we gained the knowledge to design a better system.

We worked closely with our suppliers over the years to aid in designing a better product for our customers and will continue to strive for excellence in the products we provide. While installing a better design, to improve efficiency, we teamed up with elevator management to train personnel on better material handling practices.

We have an implemented training program, and we work with educational organizations to train our employee team in equipment installation and assembly, safety, efficiency, and professionalism to better serve our customers’ needs.

J&D has monthly leadership and training meetings as well as teaming program that allows employees to voice their opinions and suggestions to help in customer service, to improve on techniques, and to educate our employees to provide a more efficient and knowledgeable crew for our customers.

While striving for efficiency, we don’t lose site of safety. Due to our safety program and continually stressing the importance of working safely, we have an exceptional safety record

J&D’s Safety Director performs regular inspections of our crews and equipment to keep our employees and anyone nearby our sites safe.

“Our Concept is NOT Production and Safety; It is Production WITH Safety!!”

J&D is a strong and growing company with much to offer. We put the customer first and strive to be the best in our workmanship and services.