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Register Now For IAOM Fundamentals of Milling Courses in Italy 1/04 Read more


National Wheat Foundation Launches 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest 1/17 Read more


New Line of Wheat High in Fiber Shows Promise For Improving Health 1/15 Read more


K-State University Agronomist Lollato Reports Extremely Cold Temperatures May Have Damaged KS Wheat Crops 1/08 Read more


Western KS Farmers Finds Signs of Winter Kill in Wheat Field 1/17 Read more


U.S. Winter Wheat Crops Stressed By Cold Weather 1/08 Read more


Current U.S. Drought Conditions May Lead to Wheat Price Spike in June 1/17 Read more


Midwest Wheat Crop to Be Protected From Cold Temperatures By Snowfall 1/16 Read more


Wheat Acreage Harvested in U.S. Different From USDA Planted Estimate 1/16 Read more



Analysts Believe in 2017 U.S. Farmers Have Planted Fewest Winter Wheat Acres Since 1909 1/16 Read more


SD Farmers Plant Fewest Winter Wheat Acres in 45 Years 1/16 Read more


Washington State University Grain Economist Predicts Wheat Company Mergers May Benefit Farmers 1/11 Read more


LA Farmers Hope Wheat Crops Not Significantly Damaged By Freezing Weather 1/10 Read more


USDA Report Shows Most SD Winter Wheat Crop Holding Up to Cold Temperatures 1/05 Read more


WA and MN Farmers Plant Around 1,000 Acres of New High-Fiber Wheat Variety 1/08 Read more


USDA Warns That U.S. Farmers Would Lose Wheat Market Share in Japan if Outside TPP 1/12 Read more


Canadian Trade Analyst Discusses Lessening U.S. Wheat Import Restrictions as Part of NAFTA Agreement 1/12 Read more


EU Wheat Trade Market Slows Following Holidays Amid Upcoming Weather Impact 1/09 Read more


Russia Significantly Increases Wheat Exports to Vietnam Market 1/05 Read more



Ukraine's Wheat Production Forecast to Fall to Four-Year Low in 2018 1/11 Read more


India Wheat Production Forecast to Reach Record 100 Million Tons in 2018 1/09 Read more


Sale Process For Saudi Arabia Flour Milling Sector to Be Announced in 2Q 2018 1/18 Read more


Kazakhstan Wheat Exports Move to Mostly Central Asian Markets 1/12 Read more


Iran's 2017 Wheat Exports See Dramatic Increase From 2016 1/16 Read more


Egypt Agriculture Ministry to Revise Ag Quarantine Authority Following Ergot Fungus Conflict 1/10 Read more


Egypt Issues Tender to Purchase Wheat For February Shipment 1/17 Read more



Egypt Purchases Milling Wheat From Russia in Tender 1/17 Read more


Australian Farmers Focus on Wheat Demand Following End of Harvest 1/11 Read more


Japan Ministry of Agriculture Seeks to Purchase 91,087 Tons of U.S. Food-Quality Wheat 1/09 Read more


Taiwan Flour Millers' Association Purchases 73,635 Tons of U.S. Milling Wheat 1/10 Read more


Nigerian Wheat Imports From 2015-2017 Exceed $800 Million 1/10 Read more


Sudan Bread Prices Double After Government Eliminates Subsidies in 2018 Budget 1/08 Read more


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