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April 6, 2020
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GFAI Offers Guidelines For Working With Grain Bins

Grain bin entrapments and engulfments are almost always a result of grain quality or out-of-condition grain, according to John Lee, Grain and Feed Association of Illinois.

Here is a list of guidelines to follow when working with grain bins:

  • Follow company bin entry procedures.
  • Fill out a grain bin entry permit.
  • Constantly evaluate the condition of the grain. Use your eyes and nose, along with grain monitoring equipment to evaluate the condition of the grain.
  • Never enter a bin while unloading grain or to break up a grain bridge. Flowing grain will pull a person in to the grain mass, burying the individual in a few seconds. A wall of grain can collapse without warning and cover a person.
  • Never enter a grain bin without stopping the unloading equipment and using the lockout/tagout procedures to secure it.
  • If you become trapped in a bin of flowing grain with nothing to hold onto, but your are still able to walk, stay near the outside wall. Keep walking until the bin is empty or grain flow stops.
  • If you are covered by flowing grain, cup your hands over your mouth and take short breaths. This may keep you alive until help arrives.
  • Be prepared for emergencies - always have a working radio or cell phone when performing hazardous tasks around grain storage. Keep in mind, cell phones may not function inside a metal grain bin.
  • Never enter alone - always make sure you have a partner or companion watching your back.

Source: John Lee, Director of Safety-Health-Environmental Services, Grain and Feed Association of Illinois




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