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June 10, 2020
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GFAI to Hold Safe Grain Handling Course ... July 7-8 ... Bloomington, IL 6/10 Read more


Two Men Rescued From Grain Bin Entrapment at Weber Beef in Erie, IL 6/10 Read more


Man Rescued From Grain Bin Entrapment Near Mazon, IL 6/04 Read more


Farmers Elevator Co. Fined $205,106 By OSHA Following Worker's Death at Grant Park, IL Elevator 6/08 Read more


OSHA Fines Minooka (IL) Grain, Lumber & Supply Co. $69,000 After Worker Rescued From Grain Bin Engulfment 6/05 Read more

Safety Quip

Poor Quality Grain Increases Risks of Grain Bin Fatalities 6/05 Read more


Man's February Entrapment Death Highlights Grain Bin Dangers 6/04 Read more


OSHA Issues Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Face Coverings, Surgical Masks, and Respirators in The Workplace 6/10 Read more


OSHA Issues Alert on Social Distancing To Keep Employees Safe at Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic 5/29 Read more


OSHA and CDC Issue Guidance to Help Agriculture Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic 6/03 Read more


OSHA Resources to Protect America’s Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic 5/29 Read more


How the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected Grain Elevator Operations 6/08 Read more


University of Minnesota Extension Offers Advice on Managing Agricultural PPE Amid Shortages 6/05 Read more



National Ag Safety Database Shows June, July, and August as Peak Months For Farm Accidents 6/05 Read more


Safe Grain Unloading: Plugs, Clumping, and Hangups Are Major Causes of Engulfment 5/29 Read more


Grain Dryer Experts Provide Tips and Best Practices For Safe Grain Drying 6/10 Read more


Farmers Urged to Take Extra Precautions Around Overhead Powerlines 6/05 Read more



Safety Tip of The Week ... Housekeeping: Combustible Dust ... 6/8/20 6/08 Read more


Safety Tip of The Week ... COVID-19: Physical Distancing ... 6/1/20 6/02 Read more


Safety Made Simple Blog: Commitment Versus Compliance 5/29 Read more


U.S. Department of Labor Offers $11.5 Million in Safety Training Grants 5/27 Read more


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