GEAPS/K-State Distance Learning Offers Grain Quality Management, Safety Courses in May

Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Kansas State University offer 26 online courses and formal credentials to build your skills. Five courses are available in May, including the quality management and safety courses.

GEAPS 520: Introduction to Grain Quality Management

Level: Beginner

Do you know how to keep your grain in condition during post-harvest handling, drying and storage? Learn about the methods and tools you have at your disposal!

You'll Learn:

  • Properties of different grains
  • How to determine moisture content
  • Difference between U.S. and international grain grading standards
  • How insects, mold and other hazards effect stored grain

GEAPS 544: Preventing and Responding to Grain Dust Explosions

Level: Beginner

Do you know all the factors that could lead to a grain dust explosion? Learn what to look for and how to minimize the risk of an incident at your facility.

You'll Learn:

  • What led to some of the most catastrophic incidents in history
  • How dust is generated and why it is combustible
  • Ways to prevent dust from being generated
  • How to respond after an explosion

About Distance Education Program Courses

GEAPS and Kansas State University provide online courses taught by grain industry leaders and faculty. Courses can be completed at any pace over five weeks.

About Credentials GEAPS and K-State offer a formal credential program. GEAPS 520 counts towards the Credential in Grain Operations Management. Credentials are a great way to fill in knowledge gaps and ensure standardized training for your team. Learn more about credentials.