Edible Oil/Products Processing Course ... July 31- Aug. 3 ... College Station, TX

Organized by the Fats and Oils R&D Center LLC.

What: Edible Oil/Products Processing Course

When: July 31-August 03, 2022

Where: 8412 Parameter Court (Aggieland Business Park), College Station, TX 77845.

For registration and details please visit http://fatsandoilsrnd.com or contact: oilsandfats2020@gmail.com, PH: 979-229-3599


  • Advanced methods in vegetable oil refining and processing
  • New products for bleaching, neutralization, interesterification and deodorization of major vegetable oils/animal fats
  • Pretreatment and Production of Biofuels
  • Production of non-trans fats, healthy frying oils
  • Filtration and vacuum systems and much more.

Source: Fats and Oils R&D Center, LLC.