The Feed Systems Sustainability Summit: Catalyzing Sustainable Feed Systems by Engaging the Full Feed Value Chain ... Sept. 28-29 ... Milwaukee, WI

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Sponsoring the upcoming Feed Systems Sustainability Summit, including the virtual events leading up to it, will give your organization exposure and direct access to an exclusive list of animal feed supply chain players looking to move the needle on sustainability in feed systems. And, it will ensure you have a seat in the room.

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are bringing together the full feed value chain, including upstream and downstream entities, to advance the discussion around four critical components of sustainable feed systems: circularity, innovation, regenerative agriculture and responsible sourcing.

The summit will convene 30-40 diverse stakeholders to catalyze action around a shared vision for sustainable feed systems. We are not creating a new multi-stakeholder roundtable or attempting to define sustainability for the feed sector, but we are enabling a pre-competitive environment of feed sustainability to support animal supply chain needs to ensure efforts are:

  • Grounded in science and aligned to societal ambitions around climate and nature (e.g., science-based targets and FLAG).
  • Anchored on industry investments into existing tools and collaborations (e.g.,IFEEDER’s Sustainability Road Map).
  • Informing value chain sustainability frameworks.
  • Creating value and opportunity for stakeholders to support more sustainable protein (from sourcing to innovation).

Through case studies curated to inform the discussion and virtual sessions held in advance of the summit, we’ll engage feed manufacturers, ingredient producers, protein companies, researchers, nongovernmental organizations and others along the feed value chain to inform a sustainable feed system vision. Summer virtual sessions and some virtual portions of the live summit will be free and open to all stakeholders.

For more information or to claim a sponsorship opportunity, please contact:

Lara Moody, IFEEDER’s executive director, at or (703) 650-0148

Sam Wildman, WWF’s senior program officer, at or (202) 280-0755