NGFA Fourth Annual Harvest Safety Week ... Aug. 22-26 ... Featuring Heat Injury and Illness OSHA Presentation, NGFA Member Discussion, and Live Webinar

The National Grain and Feed Association's fourth annual Harvest Safety Week will be held Aug. 22-26.

It will focus on heat injury and illness, and all content will be free of charge.

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Monday, Aug. 22

Kickoff and welcome video

Tuesday, Aug. 23

OSHA Presentation: Representatives from OSHA’s Directorate of Standards and Guidance and Directorate of Enforcement Programs will discuss the status of the Heat Injury and Illness rulemaking and National Emphasis Program (NEP) in a recorded presentation.

NGFA Presentation: Jess McCluer, NGFA’s vice president of safety and regulatory affairs, will summarize OSHA’s pending heat standard.

Wednesday, Aug. 24

NGFA Member Discussion: In this recorded panel discussion, NGFA members Jason Eardley, ADM; Paul Gooch, CGB; Brian Grimm, Bartlett and Company; and Rob Grabowski, George’s Inc., will discuss their companies’ heat-related policies and best practices.

Thursday, Aug. 25

Legal Expert Webinar (Live): Aaron Gelb, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, will conduct a webinar at 2 p.m. ET with a presentation on OSHA’s Heat Injury and Illness National Emphasis Program (NEP). Register HERE.

Friday, Aug. 26

Harvest Safety Week summary and list of Harvest Safety Week resources including a link to the four previous day's events.

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