Farmers Risk and Advance Trading Inc. Announce Agreement

Farmers Risk, a platform that helps farm operations track their current financial position and profitability, is excited to announce an agreement with Advance Trading, Inc (ATI).

ATI is an independent commodity brokerage firm that has provided risk management services to grain producers, commercial elevators, and end users, including energy and livestock operations for over 40 years.

The agreement marks a significant milestone for Farmers Risk, as it further solidifies the organization’s position as the trusted provider of risk management tools for farmers and their advisors.

The Farmers Risk platform will allow ATI customers access to a unique set of features to better manage their farming operations in the Midwest. This partnership will provide opportunity for increased collaboration and management between farm operations and their advisors.

“We're excited to announce our partnership with ATI, and the powerful impact this collaboration will have on farming operations in the Midwest,” said Dakota Hoben, Farmers Risk Co-Founder and CEO.

“We look forward to continuing to deliver world-class technology solutions to farmers and their advisors.”

Farmers Risk is dedicated to empowering farming operations with the tools farmers need to easily manage their risk and use data to grow their farm legacies for generations to come.

“Farmers Risk’s platform perfectly complements our firm’s 40+ years of providing market insights to customers who have come to see us as their trusted advisors,” said ATI’s Chief Operating Officer, Drew Moore.

“Now we can easily arm our producers with factual data, customized to their operation, to visualize their current and potential marketing results. We are looking forward to providing this technology to both our customers and brokers, while watching their collaboration soar.”

The Farmers Risk platform is known for its ease of use, seamless integrations, multiple user-access, and clean design making it a top choice for brokerages looking to provide added value to their farmer customers.

Farmers Risk continues to provide the latest software tools allowing users to monitor risk easily, trade with confidence and constantly analyze options. Farmers Risk provides real-time risk views that are just as dynamic as the commodity markets themselves.