Dr. Bradley Wolter Steps Down as CEO and President of The Maschhoffs

The Maschhoffs, who's pork from its hog farms feeds approximately 12 million people each year, announce that Dr. Bradley Wolter will step down as CEO and president.

The Maschhoffs released a statement saying: During his tenure as CEO, Dr. Wolter has played a pivotal role in driving The Maschhoffs' purpose of feeding families and building communities for a better future. With passion and dedication, he has led the company towards excellence, fostering a culture of shared values and a strong purpose. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in positioning The Maschhoffs as a renowned force in the industry.

Reflecting on his time with the company, Dr. Wolter said, "Over the past couple of decades, I have shared a passion with The Maschhoffs in producing quality, safe meat protein with an intense focus on a sustainable farm system at its core. While the future will present new challenges, they will be faced by a strong team with shared values and a robust purpose at The Maschhoffs. I look forward to my continued engagement with them."

As Dr. Wolter takes a step back from his role as CEO, he will maintain an active presence within the organization by serving on The Maschhoffs' Board of Directors. This decision underlines his ongoing commitment to the company's success and continued growth.

In addition to serving on The Maschhoffs' Board of Directors, Dr. Wolter will devote more time and attention to his family and personal commitments in the role of President at Windy Hill Meadows, LLC, his personal agriculture-based business. This endeavor will allow him to continue pursuing his passion for agriculture and further contribute to the industry's development.

Taking over the leadership mantle is Dr. Jay Miller, who's expertise lies in operations management and technical proficiency in animal health, supported by his successful ownership of a business until divesting in 2022. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Dr. Miller is poised to lead The Maschhoffs into the next chapter of growth and innovation.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Miller said, “Dr. Bradley Wolter has led this company with exceptional skill, and I am committed to building upon his achievements and taking it to new heights." Dr. Miller emphasizes his focus on our purpose and core values, saying, "Together, we will chart a path of groundbreaking advancements, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and improvement. Our team's dedication and expertise will drive us forward, shaping the future of our industry." With his firm belief in the potential of the organization, Dr. Miller's appointment promises an exciting and transformative era for the company under his leadership.

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