SonicAire Introduces First Dust Control Fan to Tackle Combustible Dust in CIID1 Environments

Winston-Salem, NC (Jan. 10, 2024) — Industries grappling with the ever-present danger of combustible dust now have a powerful ally.

SonicAire steps into the forefront with new models for its industry-leading EXTREME Series fans, marking a significant leap in safeguarding environments where combustible dust poses a constant threat.

SonicAire designed these fans explicitly for Class II Division 1 (CIID1), Groups F & G environments.

In these environments, where fugitive dust buildup is hard to manage, these fans provide unparalleled protection against dust accumulation.

These fans combine advanced engineering and robust design to maintain compliance in hard-to-reach areas, minimizing combustible dust hazards.

With its legacy of proven performance and impressive features, SonicAire’s newest fan series promises to continue raising the bar on industry standards for dust control.

The new models - XZ210 and XZ215 - have multiple features that ensure efficient, proactive dust control. The XZ210 provides the maximum vertical range of motion, catering to facilities with plenty of overhead clearance, while the more compact XZ215 offers a versatile solution for shorter spaces.

Both models boast dust-ignition-proof designs and a unique ability to rotate 360 degrees while oscillating vertically, offering comprehensive coverage for your entire facility.

By keeping the air in motion, SonicAire’s CIID1 fans prevent dust from accumulating on elevated surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of explosive dust-related incidents.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has certified these two models from SonicAire's Extreme Series, underscoring SonicAire’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

Under UL’s rigorous testing procedures, SonicAire’s CIID1 fans proved their ability to operate safely in hazardous environments.

As a result, manufacturers dealing with grain, plastic, chemicals, carbon, or wood can trust SonicAire’s UL-certified fans to combat combustible dust effectively while adhering to regulatory requirements.

The significance of this certification can’t be overstated, as SonicAire’s XZ210 and XZ215 dust control fans are the only products to receive certification for CIID1, making them the name in dust control.