IFEEDER Launches New Blog

Arlington, VA (March 19, 2024) – The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) is excited to announce the launch of its blog, IFEEDER Fodder.

For nearly 15 years, IFEEDER has been at the forefront of advancing understanding and trust in sustainable feed and pet food supply chain through research and education.

The IFEEDER Fodder blog will serve as a platform for industry professionals, researchers, consumers and stakeholders to engage with timely and relevant content related to feed and pet food sustainability, research and education.

“Over the past several years, IFEEDER has been leading conversations with stakeholders about the incredible work that the animal food industry is doing to be more responsive to current challenges and develop proactive business solutions that impact the future health of this unique agricultural sector,” said Lara Moody, IFEEDER’s executive director.

“Now, with the launch of our new blog, we invite others to participate in these conversations too, as we aim to hear from industry leaders, university researchers and partners about some of the research, education and sustainability projects IFEEDER has underway.”

IFEEDER Fodder will cover a range of topics, including advancements in animal nutrition, innovation and collaboration efforts in sustainability, lessons from industry, updates on current research and education projects with partners and commentary on how current industry events impact the long-term business climate for the animal food sector.

The blog will feature contributions from IFEEDER’s executive director, industry leaders, academic partners and other stakeholders, offering diverse perspectives and valuable insights.

To access the latest blogs from IFEEDER Fodder, visit ifeeder.org/news/ifeeder-fodder.

For more information about IFEEDER, visit ifeeder.org.


Founded in 2009 by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), the >span class="inline-color"> is a 501 (c)(3) public charity and is a critical link in the ever-evolving food supply chain.

Serving as a champion for the animal food industry, IFEEDER supports critical education and research initiatives that ensure consumers have access to a safe, healthy and sustainable food supply.

IFEEDER focuses its work in two primary areas: funding critical animal feed and pet food research to support AFIA’s legislative and regulatory positions, and developing appropriate messaging for policymakers, consumer influencers and stakeholders which highlights the industry’s positive contributions to the availability of safe, wholesome and affordable food, and the preservation of our natural resources.