Scoular to Start Hiring for Oilseed Plant in Kansas

Image courtesy of Scoular

The company that owns the old sunflower crush plant near Goodland is closer to reopening it as a new soy and canola oilseed crush facility.

On Monday, Scoular announced it has hired three key leaders for the operation. It also plans to hire more than 30 people in the coming months and begin operations in October.

When the new plant opens, it will process 11 million bushels of oilseeds annually into vegetable oils to support the demand for renewable fuels.

Scoular provided this information on the three leaders it hired:

  • Michael Meyers, the commercial manager, is based in Omaha, where Scoular is headquartered. Meyers previously worked for Ag Processing. He is responsible for commercial aspects related to the profitability of crush operations, including leading oilseed origination growth and managing the facility’s meal and oil sales.
  • Jeff Frazier, market development manager, based in Wichita. Frazier previously worked for Comark Equity Alliance. He is focusing on canola origination and developing strategies to build Scoular’s canola market and oilseed crush industry presence. 
  • Evan Balthazor, plant superintendent, based in Goodland. He is responsible for the receiving, handling, preparation, oil extraction, oil degumming, and loading of the canola and soybeans and their finished products. He previously worked as plant superintendent at Ag Processing’s soybean oil refinery in Hastings. 

“This team has the expertise we need to take our oilseed crushing business to the next level,” said Sandra Hulm, the Scoular vice president and general manager leading the project. “Scoular is building a culture of high-integrity, curiosity and ultimately, excellence at this facility, which will bring much-needed capacity to the market quickly.”

Scoular needs employees for shift supervision, maintenance, loading/unloading, and plant operations. It plans to hold a job fair in mid-April. Click here to learn more about available jobs.

Julica Oharah, Executive Director of Community Development Sherman County, said job creation is a key factor in developing the overall quality of life and fostering economic growth.  

“The Scoular project is a huge win for Sherman County,” said Oharah. “Job creation is not just about increasing employment numbers; it’s about building a vibrant, supportive, and sustainable environment where individuals can grow, businesses can thrive, and the community can prosper together.”