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September 9, 2020
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NGFA Harvest Safety Week 2020 Resources


GEAPS Cornbelt Chapter Webinar Recording: Top-Ten Tips For Pre-Harvest Safety ... Presented by John Lee (Aug. 26 - 43 min.) 8/26 Read more


Grain Talk Podcast: NGFA's Jess McCluer Previews Harvest Safety Week 2020 (6:13) 8/31 Read more


Slideshow: Slips, Trips, and Falls 8/31 Read more

Safety Quip

Grain Talk Podcast: Consultant Doug Fletcher on OSHA Compliance, Safety Culture (39 min) 8/31 Read more


NGFA Video: Combustible Dust Safety (8:01) 9/03 Read more


NGFA Safety Tip: Bin Site Entanglement Hazards 9/02 Read more


Safety Tip: Vehicle Struck-By 8/31 Read more


Safety Tip: Shuttle Loading and Rail Safety 8/31 Read more



13-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Off Grain Bin at Frenchman Valley Coop in Chappell, NE 8/28 Read more


Man Rescued From Grain Bin Entrapment in Royalton, MN 9/02 Read more


Grain Bin Fire Reported Near Morris, IL 9/01 Read more


Smoldering Fire Ignites at McCoy Grain Terminal in Roaslia, WA 9/04 Read more


Video: Grain Dust Explosion Damages Ag Partners LLC Grain Elevator in Royal, IA 8/27 Read more


Royal, IA Farmers Say Explosion at Ag Partners Elevator May Slow Harvest 8/28 Read more


Michigan Agri-Business Association President Lippstreu Says Harvest Safety Begins With Five Minutes 9/08 Read more


McCoy Grain Terminal Near Rosalia, ID Operational Following Aug. 29 Fire 9/08 Read more



Safety Made Simple Blog: Incident Analysis "The Five Whys" 9/01 Read more


Power Line Safety During Harvest Event to be Held in York, NE 9/08 Read more


IN Farmers Face Increased Risk For Grain Bin Deaths Following 2019 Conditions 9/02 Read more


Farmers Should Be Aware of Mental Fatigue This Harvest 9/08 Read more


Eight Grain System Preparations to Check Before Harvest 9/01 Read more


River Valley Cooperative, Davenport, IA Updates Derecho Impact on Facilities 9/04 Read more


Canadian Agricultural Safety Association and G3 to Donate $25,000 of Grain Rescue Equipment to Rural Alberta Fire Departments 8/28 Read more


BeGrainSafe Firefighter Grain Entapment Rescue Training Held For Greenview, Alberta Fire Departments (Canada) 9/08 Read more


Safety Tip of The Week ...  Harvest Protection: PPE ... 9/8/20 9/08 Read more


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