GEAPS Summer Learning Series of Eight Recorded Webinars Available For Viewing On-Demand by GEAPS Members

Minneapolis, MN (July 24) - GEAPS Summer Learning Series, which concluded July 15, is now available for viewing free of charge by GEAPS members.

The recorded Summer Learning Series is a collection of eight hour-long webinars on a variety of grain-related topics such as grain quality, regulations, and safety.

To view the webinars, click here.

Here is a list of the eight webinars:

Wednesday, May 27

Regulatory Update: OSHA, EPA and COVID-19

Jess McCluer, vice president - safety and regulatory affairs, NGFA

Sponsored by CTEC-AG

Stay on top of emerging regulatory issues within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Topics include OSHA’s and EPA’s policies, rule-makings and interpretations on continued enforcement within the grain handling industry; injury and illness record keeping; combustible dust; walking working surfaces; and temporary storage.

Wednesday, June 3

Ongoing Impacts from the 2019 Harvest and Early 2020 Crop Forecast

Dr. Charles Hurburgh, professor, Iowa State University

Sponsored by Sukup Manufacturing

Explore the ongoing impacts of the 2019 harvest, including: poor quality grain, lack of grain storage space, market pricing, overall economy and other impacts. The session will also touch on very early forecasting of the 2020 crop, what to expect and start potentially planning for. Dr. Hurburgh will help you understand the current challenges that the industry is facing and what to plan for in the near and distant future.

Wednesday, June 10

Employee Recruitment, Hiring, Development and Retention

Janelle Thomas, vice president – human resources, Landus Cooperative

Sponsored by GEAPS Foundation

From recruitment and hiring to development and retention, your employees take up a great deal of time, energy and resources. This session will discuss the challenges our industry faces recruiting and hiring seasonal and year-round workforces. Learn best practices for developing employees and retaining talent.

Wednesday, June 17

Equipment Maintenance: Keep Your Motor Running

Nick Hastings, industry manager-agribusiness, WEG Electric Corp

Sponsored by CTEC-Mechanical

Motors need regular maintenance to avoid failure and prolong their lifespan. This session will provide an overview of how electric motors work, different voltages and the types of motors in the ag processing world. Learn about motor efficiency, how it affects the power factor and what “premium efficient” means today. We will also discuss motor maintenance, including lubrication frequency and keeping fans and cooling fins clean.

Wednesday, June 24

Grain Sampling and Grading

Kevin Donnelly, professor, Kansas State University

Sponsored by West Side Salvage

The 2019 harvest saw a lot of wet and out-of-condition grain stored across the country. A lot of this grain is will make its way to elevators in the coming months. Learn about grain sampling and grading from an elevator perspective. We'll tell you what front-line workers should be aware of when receiving grain. We will close with a Q&A session to answer questions for your facility and region.

Wednesday, July 1

Alternative and Temporary Grain Storage

David Wernsing, general manager, AGI Union Iron and AGI Tramco

Sponsored by Brock

The 2019 harvest is taking up a lot of space in storage and the 2020 crop looks to have above average yields. It is time for co-ops and elevators to think about and plan alternative and temporary options for grain storage. Learn why new storage options should be a top priority and review best practices for storing excess grain. We will conclude with a Q&A session to talk about storage options at your facility and in your region.

Wednesday, July 8

Critical Issues Impacting the Grain Industry: Panel Discussion

Casey Jones, vice president, director of northern operations, MKC

Marcus Neal, Market Sector Leader, Interstates

Mervin Rapp, Team Leader Maintenance & Reliability TPM, CHS Inc.

Chris Blair, Regional Manager, New Coop Inc.

Sponsored by CCS

Learn about critical operations issues in the grain industry. Our panel will share perspectives on issues and how they are working to address them. Take these lessons and compare them to what's going on with your facility. We will conclude with a Q&A session to discuss issues at your facility and in your region.

Wednesday, July 15

Where Grain Quality and Safety Meet: Panel Discussion

Bob Marlow, owner, Operations Professional Services

Dr. Klein Lleleji, professor, Purdue University

Tim Sullivan, grain industry consultant

Dr. Dirk Maier, professor, Iowa State University

Sponsored by Central Life Sciences

Look at practical tools, new technologies and hands-on methods to help monitor and maintain quality in your grain inventory. You can't separate grain quality and safety. Managing projected carryover inventories and the anticipated size of the 2020 crop will provide the foundation for employee safety, grain quality and financial stability.

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