TriGen Partners and Agrex Inc. Begin Construction on Shuttle Grain Terminal in Ryder, ND

Ryder, ND – TriGen Partners and Agrex Inc. have partnered to build a shuttle grain terminal with loop track at Ryder, ND, according to the Minot Daily News.

TriGen Partners resulted from the merger of the Plaza-Makoti Equity Elevator with the Max Farmers Elevator, which became official on July 1. Agrex Inc., a full-service agricultural commodity trading company, is based in Minneapolis, MN.

The new shuttle grain terminal will have 1.05 million bushels storage capacity and slightly more than 10,000 feet of track, according to Rick Talbott, general manager of the Max elevator.

About 320 acres were purchased for the new facility on the west side of North Dakota Highway 28 and north side of Ward County Road 22 at Ryder.

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