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EXTRON AgTECT Grain Spreader Uses Gravity-Powered Design

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Easy to install, operate with flow rates up to 45,000 bph

The EXTRON AgTECT grain spreader was introduced in the fall of 2017 as the industry’s only gravity-powered spreader featuring an external multi-directional adjustable leveling band.

According to Steve Hansen, director of sales, “The AgTECT grain spreader was designed to load grain bins faster, maintain grain quality, and improve worker safety. By using this gravity-powered spreader, you can improve airflow, reduce foreign material (FM) buildup, and eliminate the need to core your bin.

“Additionally,” says Hansen, “it is easy to install and operate, with flow rates up to 45,000 bph.”

Grain Journal spoke with three grain operations managers to learn more about the unique features of the EXTRON AgTECT grain spreader and the benefits of its gravity-powered design.

Hobie Stutt | Regional Operations Manager | River Valley Cooperative | Davenport, IA

“As our bins have gotten larger over the years – from 105 feet in diameter to 132 feet in diameter – the need to core so many bushels has grown, so we needed to pare down. We chose grain spreaders from EXTRON.

“Our 132-foot bins went from roughly 20% FM in the center, and we needed to pull 35,000 to 40,000 bushels. Now, using the AgTECT grain spreader, we have just 3% FM across the board.

“It’s pretty amazing. We started with one grain spreader, and then we ordered four more to make sure we would have them for harvest. Grain spreaders help with aeration and FM management in the center of the bin. They work well, and I’m a believer. The savings are unbelievable – they’re huge.”

Wayne Essner | Regional Operations Manager | Gavilon Grain LLC | Omaha, NE

“When operating a shuttle loading facility, time can very easily mean money. We installed an AgTECT grain spreader into a 400,000-bushel bin this past fall, and it has made a huge difference in our loading time.

“The spreader eliminates around an hour of our loading process that we would normally need for coring the FM out of the bin. By spreading the core that comes with a normal filling process, we have noticed less heating in our stored product which creates less damage. The AgTECT gain spreader is an economical solution that creates increased efficiency and flexibility at our plant.”

Mark Condon | Location Manager | Pro Cooperative | Pioneer, IA

“Grain spreaders spread the FM throughout the bin rather than just the core. I also appreciate the level filling. We use grain spreaders for soybeans and corn and like them equally for both commodities. When a grain spreader distributes FM, we don’t have to core it to get air moving through the grain mass in the fall.

“We started with a prototype AgTECT grain spreader, but as they’ve come along, the manufacturer has learned some things. They’ve made it easier to adjust. We used to have to reach in and adjust it manually with a wrench and hope you didn’t drop it. Now, we use an impact wrench with a socket. There are canisters with caps – just remove the caps on top of the bin so it’s much easier to adjust the level of filling in the bin, so you’re not too high or low on one side.

“The ability to control FM is the biggest highlight of the AgTECT grain spreader, and adjustment is easy. It’s kind of fun to watch.”


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