Case Study
Continual Improvement

New options and services keep Nebraska coop satisfied

When Aaron Becker came to work for Farmers Co-op in Pilger, NE in May 2009 after graduating from Wayne State College in Wayne, NE, the coop had been using various modules of AgVision’s software to run its operations for 12 years.

“We’ve looked at some other options over the years,” says Becker, who has been the coop’s president since June 2013, “but AgVision has stepped up its game by adding more options and services. We’ve been happy with what they’ve done with all the updates and services they offer. All their products work together. We like it all.”

Farmers Co-op has three grain facilities: one at the coop’s headquarters in Pilger and two others at Winside and Wayne in northeast Nebraska. The Wayne location was added in August 2022.

The coop also offers agronomy services from its three grain locations. It has a grocery store and gas outlet in Winside and operates a fertilizer plant and 24-hour fuel operation selling gasoline and diesel in Stanton, NE.

Grain Management

Becker says AgVision’s Commodity Manager module is used for managing all the coop’s grain operations, including all the corn and soybeans coming in and going out, generating reports, and handling all the account settlements. “We use Commodity Manager for everything we need to do on the grain side,” Becker notes.

AgVision’s Scale Interface module ties all three of the coop’s grain facilities together, when grain crosses the scales at any of the three locations. The Moisture Meter Interface module eliminates having to input manually scale and meter numbers into tickets.

AgVision’s Financial Accounting modules work together to handle the coop’s inventory, financial information, and accounts receivable and payable for all the coop’s operations, including the grocery store and fuel outlets. The GasBoy Interface module traces transactions at the fueling stations, according to Becker.

AgVision’s Fertilizer Manager module handles the liquid and dry fertilizer mixes and crop protection chemicals that the coop sells.

The Patron Equity module manages all the coop’s diverse membership purchases and sales and the payroll for the coop’s 36 employees.

Becker notes that when drought hit the coop’s service area, AgVision’s modules helped its farmer-customers make their crop insurance claims by providing yield histories for specific farm fields where crop yields were stunted by dry weather.

“AgVision provides a complete solution for everything we do here,” Becker concludes.

Jerry Perkins, contributing editor