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MCS abrasion-resistent alumina ceramic conveyor liner

Reprinted from Grain Journal May/June 2019 Issue

For more than 40 years, Mechanical and Ceramic Solutions (MCS) has manufactured abrasion-resistant high alumina ceramic materials.

When pressed into bricks or tiles and fired, these materials achieve incredible hardness and are used for abrasion control in spouts, chutes and other high-wear areas.


  • Can be pre-engineered to fit existing spouts and chutes.
  • Standard sizes are 4-inch-x-6-inch tiles and 6-inch-x-6-inch hex mats. Can be custom manufactured to meet customer specifications.
  • Tiles and mats can be applied with two-part epoxy, RTV silicone adhesive, or vacuum bonding.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and greater longevity compared to other materials.

According to Randy Sullivan, sales representative for mechanical and ceramic solutions, “Ninety percent alumina ceramic bricks, pipe tile, hex tile, and cylinders are time-tested standards that come in a range of sizes to fit most applications. Ceramic thicknesses are available from 1/8- to 2-inch thick standard brick size.”

Eliminate Spout Maintenance

“High alumina ceramic materials have 10 times the life of steel and can eliminate years of maintenance in grain spouts,” adds Sullivan. “It can also be used to line piping, elbows, and irregular surfaces, such as screw flights and screw conveyors.”

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