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Eriez • 814-835-6000

Eriez Magnetics • Erie, PA • 874-835-6000 •

Eriez is a global leader in separation and vibratory technologies. Regardless of your process and material, Eriez offers every solution for gravity, conveyed, pneumatic, or liquid line flows.

According to Bill Dudenhoefer, separation product manager, “Employing Eriez powerful magnetic separators for ferrous contaminants and metal detectors for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals ensures your product is free of dangerous tramp metals.

“We offer the widest selection of permanent and electromagnetic equipment to remove ferrous contaminants,” says Dudenhoefer. “Our rare earth magnet material is used in grates, plates, traps, drums, pulleys, rolls and more to prevent fine ferromagnetic particles, rust, and even work-harden stainless steel from contaminating your products.”

Xtreme Metal Detectors

The company also offers its Xtreme® metal detector, which is designed for high sensitivity, intuitive operation, and exceptional reliability.

“This feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity,” he explains, “to detect small ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in sanitary and non-sanitary environments.”

Feeder Conveyors and Screeners

“Eriez offers specific vibratory equipment,” adds Dudenhoefer, “from low-profile mechanical feeders to high-speed electromagnetic units. These same drive systems are available for conveying and screening applications.”

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